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Globally, we waste 3.5 million tonnes of food every single day. And that food doesn’t just disintegrate naturally into the earth. It pumps out harmful gas as it decomposes in landfill, causing our planet to heat up like a greenhouse.

But that’s not the only problem. It takes a lot of land, energy and water to make our food. By wasting that food, we also waste the resources that went into producing it, putting needless strain on our earth.

1/3 of all food produced is wasted

We call Too Good To Go orders ‘Magic Bags’, because beyond knowing the gist of what your order contains (for instance, muffins and pastries, or sandwiches and salads), the contents are a total surprise. It works in everyone’s favour: stores get the flexibility they need to make sure nothing gets thrown away, and you get to enjoy an exciting - and delicious - discovery.

Too Good To Go is a social impact company, building a movement that helps everyone to fight food waste together.

The app powers our efforts to impact wider societal change, making food waste a talking point everywhere from schools to households to parliament.

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When lots of people take small actions, big change happens.

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