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The Simple App Saving Good Food From Going To Waste
3 months ago
Nearly 2 million tonnes of food is wasted by the food industry every year in the U.K. alone. Of that waste, 250,000 tonnes is still edible, equating to roughly 650 million meals. When you consider the 8.4 million people in the U.K. struggling to afford to eat, there's obviously a problem. And that's where the Danish-born Too Good To Go app comes in. The app, which is available in 11 countries in Europe, is simple: it connects users to stores, such as supermarkets, restaurants and bakeries, that have unsold, surplus food.
Meet the food waste warriors
4 months ago
Signing up to Too Good to Go takes seconds, and after a few clicks I’m off to Maltby & Greek in Bermondsey to collect a ‘Magic Bag’ of leftovers. For £3.99 I take home a huge tub of Greek yoghurt, a few delicious cheeses, a pot of olives and a bottle of beer that was approaching its best before date.
The truth about expired food: how best-before dates create a waste mountain
7 months ago
Date labelling has been accused of generating confusion and food waste in the UK as well as in the US, or of simply being ignored. As recent research by the makers of the food-waste app Too Good To Go shows, British home cooks threw away a whopping 720m eggs in 2018, with one in three saying they will bin any carton that is out of date. Yet eggs in the UK carry a best-before date, not a use-by.
69 Percent of Brits Don’t Know Food Waste Contributes to Climate Change, Survey Finds
8 months ago
Over two-thirds (69 percent) of British adults don’t realise that food waste contributes to climate change. A survey of 2,000 people by food waste app, Too Good to Go, reveals that the majority are unaware of the environmental impact of chucking food, while an even larger percentage (81 percent) do not know that a third of all food is wasted globally.
Six of the best food and drink apps: from expert restaurant tips to free meals
9 months ago
For anyone wishing to do their bit to tackle the 10 million tonnes of food that goes to waste each year, Too Good To Go is a fantastic way of getting a cheap meal that would otherwise go in the bin. Too Good To Go have partnered up with 1,381 food stores around the country to take their surplus and waste food and pass it on to the consumer at a discount price.