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We're pretty flexible and can adapt to work best for you and your needs (the perfect partner, right?)
Whether you're a bakery, restaurant, buffet, cafe, food-truck, greengrocers, supermarket, hotel or anything else that has surplus to sell - Too Good To Go can work for you!
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What's in it for me?

More Money

Food waste costs the hospitality sector £2.4 billion a year. Make money on food you currently throw away.

Less Waste

Waste less food, time & money while doing something great for the planet, win-win-win.

New Customers

People care about brands that care. Attract new customers across our range of platforms.

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Check icon Fight food waste
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Everyone's talking about Too Good To Go...

"I would recommend this app to every business that sells food in any quantity, size or shape. We waste too much food in the country and this is a tiny light in the black hole that is filled with wasted food. In short, everyone in hospitality needs to think hard about why they have not signed up already." - Laurence, Yo! Sushi
"I’ve just started using the app in London and it’s fantastic! Love saving food waste and also saving money - total win win. So far we’ve gotten 7 assorted meals of Indian food. Total of £15. That’s amazing! Thank you for connecting people to food!" - Grace Hoskins
"With the amount of time, money and energy that goes into producing and preparing food, it makes no sense to waste anything that is still perfectly edible. The benefits of new customers discovering your business, while preventing food ending up in the bin and recovering sunk costs is just a no brainer!" - Tom, Chop’d

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