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Less waste

Join 5,958 UK businesses in taking visible action to combat a crucial environmental issue.

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Get in front of 3.7 million users. 3 out of 4 who discover a store through Too Good To Go will return as full-paying customers.

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Turn losses into income: so far, UK businesses have sold 2.6 million Magic Bags through Too Good To Go.

Magic Bags

Too Good To Go customers buy ‘Magic Bags’ of surprise food. Fill your Magic Bags with delicious, unsold items - whatever they end up being.

Automated listings

Plug in your estimated surplus, then let those settings roll into next week automatically. If anything changes, make adjustments quickly on any device.


There’s no contract, no commitment, no extra equipment required. We’ll put you online in five minutes, so you can start saving food straight away.

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Be part of a global community of 64,420 businesses, and tackle food waste the smart way.

Navigate the unpredictability of footfall, cut back on food waste costs, and make your business known to new local customers - all with an easy-to-use system that won’t interrupt day-to-day operations.

No one likes to see perfectly good food go uneaten. Box up surplus items, and give local customers a delicious, feel-good surprise.

Introduce yourself to locals who are yet to discover you, and stand out by showing that sustainability is high on your agenda.

Buffet trays can still be filled abundantly for guests - you’re just cutting back on the waste that happens when demand falls below what you’ve predicted.

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