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The Sustainable Restaurants Association is teaming up with Too Good To Go ― a unique, easy-to-use app that helps food businesses sell their surplus food directly to million of consumers so it doesn’t go to waste!

If you’re looking for a simple way to clear surplus food, simply fill in your details at the top of this page and Too Good To Go will be in touch.

SRA members get a special discount when they sign up:
Too Good To Go's joining fees are waived.

Plus, two in three Too Good To Go consumers return as full-paying when they pick up food, so it's a great way to attract new customers.

As a result of unpredictability of consumer demand and challenges with knowing how much to order from suppliers, food businesses are often left with surplus food at the end of the day. Thankfully, our app is helping tens of thousands of stores across 15 countries sell their daily surplus food to new, local customers so it doesn't go to waste.

How does it work?

Consumers buy ‘Magic Bags’ on the app. These are bags or boxes of unsold food where the content is a surprise. You simply hand over food or beverages, whatever is surplus in your store!

You set a collection time and location on the app that works for you for consumers to pick up the food. You can easily switch it on and off or change pick up times!

It’s a win-win-win

Show you care: take tangible steps to reduce food waste and help the environment

Recover sunk costs: earn money for food that would have been wasted

Gain brand exposure: place yourself alongside other leading brands

There’s no upfront cost (all fees are deducted from the payments Too Good To Go sends you)

No contract, no commitment, cancel any time.

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Source: EPA - United States Environmental Protection Agency

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