Collecting Your Meal

Answers to questions around how to collect a meal.

How do I collect the food I’ve ordered?

Simply turn up at the store during the collection window and present the in-app receipt to a member of staff.

Can someone else collect my meal?

You will need to collect yourself in person as you will need to present your in-app receipt. If you don’t think you will be able to collect your meal, you can cancel your order using the cancel purchase button at the bottom of the receipt.

What do I do if I don’t like the food I’ve collected?

All our restaurant partners produce delicious food so we are confident this will be a rare occurrence. As we are fighting food waste and thus trying to reduce the amount of perfectly good and edible food that ends up being thrown away, unfortunately we are not able to offer refunds if the food is not to your taste. If there are specific items you don’t like or dietary requirements that you like, you can use our filters or find further information in the store profiles to help inform your decision.

Is the food for collection or delivery?

All Too Good To Go orders are for collection in person only. Please note: the food you collect is to be enjoyed as a takeaway not in the store!

How do I find the location of the store I’m rescuing from?

Each store will have their address and any relevant additional instructions on their profile page. Additionally, next to the address, there is a button you can click that will take you to a link in maps.

Can I choose what I rescue when I arrive?

Your magic bag will contain item(s) that would otherwise be thrown away at the end of the day and this can vary considerably from day to day so there is no way of guaranteeing what will be available. Some stores may let you choose but this is at their discretion.

Do I need to bring packaging to collect my food?

Most places will have their own packaging but some require you to bring your own - if this is the case it will say so in the store profile.