What’s new in restaurant sustainability, you ask? This expo will tell you.

At Too Good To Go, we think sustainability is an important area. But guess what? It’s also a really exciting one. This year, we’re working with the Restaurant & Takeaway Innovation Expo not only to highlight the topic of sustainability within the industry, but also to show food businesses smart ways to embrace it.

Waiters wearing ethically produced aprons, reusable travel mugs for sale at the till, smoothies blended using locally foraged berries… sound familiar? If you’ve glanced around your favourite coffee shop lately, you’ve likely noticed a few of these touches.

It’s not hard to see why: as far as global issues go, sustainability is big news in almost every industry - and the takeaway and restaurant scene is no different.

The hospitality sector, after all, creates 143,000 tonnes of avoidable food waste each year - and let’s not get started on the greenhouse gas tallies that come hand in hand. It’s bad news for the planet, and it leaves a bitter taste in the mouths of both diners and those running food businesses.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. In the food industry, sustainability has become a key driver for innovation. Think AI-equipped systems that can autonomously record exactly what food is being wasted in commercial kitchens, just by photographing and weighing the food waste bin.

In response to creativity like this, The Restaurant & Takeaway Innovation Expo has an entirely new section dedicated to sustainability.

For those unfamiliar with the expo, a quick rundown: it’s where restaurant and takeaway businesses discover ideas that are transforming the industry (think everything from portable card readers to the latest in brand loyalty research). 2019 is the first year that sustainability is in the spotlight.

Coined ‘The Sustainability Trail’, this section of the expo will cover everything from electric delivery bikes to food waste solutions. It allows attendees to discover new ways of tackling the problem within their restaurant or takeaway shop.

For food businesses, it makes sense: research shows that customers are beginning to demand a side of sustainability with their dinner order.

But it’s not all about bamboo cutlery and compostable noodle boxes. It’s smart and scalable food waste solutions, state-of-the-art recycling equipment, and energy efficient heating and cooling.

The expo offers restaurateurs and takeaway owners the chance to discover the latest sustainability innovations, all in one place. Sound like your cup of (ethically sourced) tea? Find out more about the expo here

Rachel Ramsay
Content Manager