Why we're nuts about nut shells

Have you ever thought about how many nutshells end up as food waste? Us neither - but when we heard about Turkey’s plan to heat a town with pistachio shells[1] we just had to investigate.

While there’s some cool stuff going on with nutshells on a mass scale in countries all over the world, our day-to-day nutshells aren’t going to be able to get involved on that action – so we’ve got some ideas for you to try at home.

1.      Make an exfoliator

For all you home beauty addicts, how about this for your next exfoliator scrub. Crush up any left-over nutshells and add them to your favourite exfoliator recipe. Think of all the dry skin you can conquer with what was once heading straight to landfill.

2.      Fuel your fire

Save your left-over nutshells to put on the fire – we’re getting excited for summer barbeques here. Save money on coal and prevent those little shells going to waste when they could provide you with some free energy.

3.      Grow your garden

Nutshells contain nutrients that your garden will love you for – however did you know that pistachio shells are awesome to help with drainage. Put them in the bottom of your flowerpots to help prevent waterlogging.

4.      Get arty

There are so many super cool things you can do with nutshells. Take a look online for some inspiration, but to start you off, how about decorating a trinket box, making a necklace, or even making these cute little turtles? (Although what you do with them after you’re gonna have to let us know!)


5.      Keep the kids busy

Kids love arts and crafts so wouldn’t it be great if they could help reduce food waste as part of their creative outlet. When making the infamous DIY maraca, use leftover nutshells as a great alternative to the rice that we often use (which by the way should be eaten not put in plastic bottles!) We apologise in advance for the subsequent racket…

Now we have given you some great ideas to stop wasting your nutshells, what are you waiting for? Go and make your nuttiest dream come true!

P.s. We love seeing what you guys do to fight food waste - so tag us in any pictures of the cool stuff you create as well.

[1] https://www.tastemade.com/articles/10-things-you-probably-didnt-know-about-pistachios

Anoushka Grover
Marketing Manager