Manchester is munching it's way through food waste thanks to Too Good To Go!

Food lovers in Manchester can now take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy delicious food at discounted prices as Too Good To Go launched in the city last week.

The app, which acts as a link between restaurants with surplus food and customers who can purchase it for up to a 90% discount, has expanded to the major UK city in a bid to take it’s anti-food waste mission nationwide.

Chris Wilson, Co­-Founder of Too Good To Go UK, said: “After successful launches in the likes of London and Leeds, Manchester – forward-thinking and metropolitan – seemed like the natural next step for expanding our fight against food waste in the UK. We’ve had a great response from restaurants and customers so far, and can’t wait to engage with the waste-conscious community in the city even further. Our mission is to place the lost value back onto food as something which belongs in bellies, not bins -­ all while helping local restaurant and businesses to thrive.”

He continues: “Users have access to delicious food at more affordable prices whilst restaurants can make a profit on food they would otherwise throw in the bin. Aside from this, our main aim is to put a desperately needed dent in the 600,000 tonnes of food that is wasted by restaurants each year.”

Since launch in June, Too Good To Go has saved over 8,000 meals from heading to landfill unnecessarily in Brighton, Birmingham, London and Leeds, and hopes to save even more with Manchester now a part of its reach.

The Northern Quarter’s Foundation Coffee were one of the first to sign up to the app in the city. Kevin McCauley, Manager of the cafe, said: “We’re very pleased to be signed up to Too Good To Go and especially so that we were one of the first in Manchester to join their fight against food waste. We’re very much looking forward to seeing less of our great products head for the bin and instead to customers, which is where they belong. Too Good To Go provides an easily usable interface through which restaurants and consumers can both benefit and we hope to see other Manchester eateries join with us in tackling waste”.

Too Good To Go is available to download on ios and Android, with new restaurants being added to the app daily.

Manchester eateries currently selling food via the app include: Red Hot World Buffet, Efes Taverna, China Buffet, and Foundation Coffee House.

Log on to the app for the full list of restaurants and join their mission to #feedbelliesnotbins.

Anoushka Grover
Marketing Manager