Learnings From Lockdown

a month ago

The COVID-19 outbreak in the UK changed consumer behaviour towards food almost overnight.

Too Good To Go sought to uncover how behaviour and perceptions towards food have changed, and what Brits were thinking, feeling and doing in the kitchen during the lockdown.

This report summarises the findings of research conducted on behalf of Too Good To Go by Markettiers between the 24 - 27 April 2020.

Key takeaways include:

  • More people are aware of how much food they waste and are throwing away less food than normal during these uncertain times

  • Confidence in understanding the different labels has increased, albeit slightly, in the last year

  • During the current crisis, habits have changed. More people are cooking from scratch and trying new cooking skills

  • There are some regional differences in cooking skills

  • The younger generation is more likely to have tried new skills

  • However, many people are looking forward to more flexibility when the lockdown is relaxed 

Download the full report here

Belinda Hallworth
PR Manager