5 ways to breathe new life into hot cross buns

2 months ago
With Easter weekend behind us, a lot of people will still have hot cross buns knocking about in their cupboards.

If they are past their best, here are 5 ways to breathe new life into these spring time treats.

1. Adapt your favourite bread and butter pudding recipe

Simply swap out regular bread for halved hot cross buns. Keep proportions spot-on by making the hot cross bun weight the same as that recommended for the bread. If you don’t have enough hot cross buns to make up the full weight, go half-and-half with regular bread.

2. Fry them up to create next-level French toast

Whip eggs together with milk (or cream if you’re feeling decadent). Slice the buns in half, then into 3cm strips. Dip the strips into the egg mixture, heat 1tbs butter in a medium-high frying pan, then fry on each side until golden-brown. Sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar to serve.

3. Make into breadcrumbs for a spicy dessert topping

With a food processor, knife, or grater, break up the buns until they become fine crumbs. These can be swapped in to any dessert recipe that calls for regular bread crumbs. As with the bread and butter pudding, keep the weight exactly the same - if you don’t have quite enough, make up the weight with regular bread.

4. Create a tasty ice cream sandwich

In a toaster or beneath a grill, toast the halved buns. Pull your favourite ice cream out of the freezer, pile a scoopful between the toasted buns, and enjoy.

5. Top with cheese and apple and cook under the grill for a tea time snack

Thinly slice (or grate) apple and cheese (one small handful of each per bun). Halve each bun, and place on a baking tray cut-side up. Sprinkle with apple, then with cheese. Grill for 5-10 minutes or until the cheese begins to brown and bubble.

Belinda Hallworth
PR Manager