New feature alert! Pre-order for the next day

We’ve got a brand spanking new feature that we’re very excited to tell you about!

You can now order meals to rescue the next day. That means you’ll have loads of extra time to order your food and help us rescue even more meals!

15 mins after the collection window for a store ends, you’ll be able to order a portion of food for the next day - so you can rescue a meal before bed and pat yourself on the back for being a super organised waste warrior.

Now, you might be wondering, is this really food that would be wasted? The answer is YES! Our partners have a beady eye on their food waste, so they know roughly how much they’ll have leftover each day. This means it’s likely that the food will be unsold and available for you to rescue.

As always, if the store you order from has a particularly busy day and they have no food left at the end of the day, we’ll let you know via email and text at least 1 hour before the collection window begins.

If you’re particularly sleepy or slightly tipsy and order a meal for the next day by accident, you don’t need to worry. Simply tap the cancel button on your mobile receipt. Always make sure you cancel your order at least 3 hours before the collection window - this gives someone else chance to rescue it!.

Unfortunately, if you forget to collect your order we can’t refund it. However, if you let us know at least 3 hours before the start of the collection window or cancel in-app your order will always be refunded.

Thanks again for being a true Waste Warrior!

The Too Good To Go team


Hang on a minute - that’s not food waste!

Oh yes it is! Restaurants know roughly how much food they’ll have leftover on a daily basis, so they’re usually able to predict how many portions they’ll have available for the next day. Ordering straight after the collection window simply means that we’ll be able to rescue more meals because you’ll have more time to order your food.

I’ve accidentally ordered a meal for tomorrow instead of today - what now?

Don’t panic! All you need to do is tap the ‘cancel’ button on your mobile receipt at least 3 hours before the start of the collection window and your order will be refunded.

I’ve forgotten to collect my order the next day, can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, we are unable to refund any meals that you forget to collect - we recommend setting yourself a little calendar alert! As ever, if you let us know at least 3 hours before the collection window that you’re unable to collect your order, or cancel in-app, your order will be refunded.

Anoushka Grover
Marketing Manager