Do International Beer Day Sustainably: Meet the company making beer from surplus bread

Let’s face it, there’s always an excuse for a beer... birthdays, friyay, winning a football game, losing a football game, celebrating five million meals sold on Too Good To Go, good weather, bad weather. Each day Brits drink over 21 million pints of beer, so this International Beer Day (August 3rd) we want to intro you to a bunch of food-waste-fighters that are doing beer sustainably.


Meet Toast Ale. These guys, apart from being epic humans, are tackling the problem of food waste in a unique (and downright tasty) way - brewing beer using surplus bread!

Tristram Stuart, general food waste bad-ass and world leading environmental campaigner, co-founded Toast Ale in 2016 to produce beer using the most commonly wasted food item in the UK, bread. Right now, 44% of bread is being wasted at all levels of the food production chain. Shocked? Yeah, so were we. Think about it though, how often do you see a BLT made with the heel of the bread? These unloved ends tend to end up straight in the bin.


That’s where Toast Ale step in. Bakeries and sandwich manufacturers local to their breweries provide unsold bread to Toast, who turn it into into award-winning craft beer. From pale ales to IPAs, these brews are putting a dent in the staggering 24 million wasted slices of bread each day in the UK.


As of July, Toast have saved around 18,000 kilograms of bread from being wasted, that’s roughly 440,000 pints of beer. Keen to see the movement grow as much as possible, their recipes are open sourced, so any brewery or home brewer can have a go at reducing food waste themselves.


With food waste being such a massive global issue, it can sometimes feel like us Waste Warriors are small fish in a very big pond. But the community is growing, businesses are increasingly finding creative ways to fight food waste whilst individuals are actively choosing companies that care.


This International Beer Day, join us in raising a glass to the Toast Ale manifesto: "If you want to change the world, you have to throw a better party than the ones destroying it.”


Wanna grab a Toast beer for yourself? Find one here

Kyle Farrell