Announcing: Cornish Blue Cheese Week

21 days ago

When the hospitality industry temporarily closed, the Stansfield family’s award-winning Cornish Cheese Company found itself with more than 8T of blue cheese going spare.

When we at Too Good To Go heard about the family’s predicament - and contemplated the prospect of hundreds of blocks of artisanal blue cheese being wasted - we knew we had to help. So we created a profile for the Cornish Cheese Company on the Too Good To Go app, enabling our community of food-waste-fighting users (nearly 3 million across the UK) to rescue Magic Bags directly from the Stansfield farm.

We’ve spread the word far and wide, and so far more than 8T of the blue cheese has been rescued (three cheers!). Now, it’s time for one final rescue effort - and that’s where Cornish Blue Cheese Week comes in.

What is Cornish Blue Cheese Week?

It’s a week in which some of the South West’s top chefs will showcase Cornish Blue Cheese on their restaurant menus.

After diners have had a taste of the cheese, participating restaurants will provide them with direct links to purchase 1kg of Cornish Blue Cheese (worth £16) for just £6 through the Too Good To Go app.

Chefs backing the campaign include one of the UK’s most celebrated and acclaimed, Michael Caines MBE. He’ll introduce a complimentary cheese course as part of his menus at The Cove Restaurant in Meanporth and Lympstone Manor in Exmouth.

The Fig Tree @ 36 in Plymouth will also be taking part. 

When is Cornish Blue Cheese Week?

The first-ever Cornish Blue Cheese Week will run from August 3 - August 9.

Want to see which restaurants, cafes and stores have unsold food that needs rescuing in your neighbourhood? Download the Too Good To Go app now - you could be rescuing food within minutes. 

Rachel Ramsay
Content Manager