Chop'd joins forces with Too Good To Go in the fight against food waste

Chop’d – one of the nation’s favourite fresh food retailers – has this week committed to reducing food waste. This is the result of a newly established partnership with Too Good To Go, the innovative new app that aims to put an end to food waste in the hospitality industry.

Too Good To Go, which is available for free download on iOS and Android, acts as a link between eateries with unsold food and customers who can place orders to collect it at a reduced price usually half an hour before closing time.

Following a successful trial in three Chop’d sites in Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester, Too Good To Go users can now collect from over 15 Chop’d outlets nationwide, the majority of which being in London. For £2.50 customers can pick up a freshly made salad, stew or hot-pot and help prevent good food from unnecessarily going to waste.

Eddie Holmes, Managing Director of Chop’d said of the new partnership: “We love good food and hate waste. Too Good to Go is a great means of reducing waste and giving more people the opportunity to eat our wonderful fresh food.”

The partnership comes at a time when food waste is increasingly high on the national agenda, with recent figures showing household food waste continues to rise and costs the UK over £13bn every year. At the same time, statistics on the environmental consequences of food waste are damning: If food waste were a country, it would be the third largest emitter of greenhouse gases behind only the US and China.

Since launching in June 2016, Too Good To Go have saved over 35,000 meals from heading to the bin in the UK by enabling eateries to sell surplus food and providing customers with quality meals at discount prices. Most importantly, perhaps, the app has started to put a dent in the 600,000 tonnes of edible food that is wasted by the hospitality industry each year.

Co-Founder of Too Good To Go, Jamie Crummie said: “We’re extremely excited about our new partnership with Chop’d and can’t wait to transfer the positive impact we’ve been having on the independents we’ve been working with to a reputable national chain. It’s fantastic that the catering industry is really starting to increase its sustainability efforts, and Chop’d coming on board has set an example for other large chains to follow.”

Written by Chris Wilson

Anoushka Grover
Marketing Manager