Too Good To Go is ready to save Birmingham's buffets!

Too Good To Go is now live in Birmingham!

Building on the success of Brighton and Leeds, we’ve partnered with 3 of Birmingham’s biggest and best buffet restaurants to bring you their amazing food as we go on in the fight against food waste.

Jimmy Spices on Birmingham Broad Street, Johnny Spice in Wolverhampton and Shahi Masala in Ward End have pledged their commitment to sustainability and made their delicious food that would have otherwise gone to waste available through the Too Good To Go app for a maximum price of £3.50.

In doing so, they’ll be helping to put a dent in the 600,000 tonnes of perfectly edible food that the restaurant and hospitality sector waste every year, according to WRAP. That’s almost 2,000 tonnes per day.

How does it work? Just head to the App Store or Play Store on your smartphone, where you’ll be able to download the Too Good To Go app for free. Once downloaded, create a free account and you’ll be taken straight to the ‘Find Food’ page.

Here, you’ll see the closest restaurants to you that have food available for collection. Decide whether you fancy a lunch or dinner collection (there’s no lunch collection at Shahi Masala), tap the restaurant and hit ‘Buy.’ Go through the simple checkout process (you can securely save your payment card for future payments too) and your order confirmation receipt will be saved in ‘My Receipts.’

Then, just head to the restaurant in the specified time period and you’ll be handed an eco-friendly sugarcane takeaway box. All that’s left to do is for you to make your way around the buffet cart, where you can fill the box up to your heart’s content!

Oh, and the boxes are pretty big too. It’s not uncommon for us here at Too Good To Go HQ to have enough leftover for lunch the next day – and sometimes even dinner too (thanks to Sandeep and the team at Peachy Keens Leeds for that).

And to think – it’s all good grub that would have otherwise gone unloved and ended up on some distant landfill site.

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Written by Chris Wilson

Anoushka Grover
Marketing Manager