6 ways to be a star Waste Warrior

1. Embrace the surprise

Heard of decision fatigue? It happens when you can’t stand facing the what-to-eat dilemma one more time. We’ve all been there! One of the best parts about Too Good To Go is that beyond knowing the gist of what your Magic Bag contains (for instance, muffins and pastries, or sandwiches and salads), your meal is a total surprise. It works in everyone’s favour - you can save your decision-making powers for more important things, and the shop is only selling food it wouldn’t have sold otherwise. The biggest winner? The planet - wasted food is responsible for 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Bit by bit, we can help bring that number down.

2. Watch the clock

When you’re browsing through restaurants on the app, you’ll see a clock icon and text that reads something like ‘Today 19.30 - 21.00’. This is your collection time, and it’s important you stick to it. If you show up early, your meal might not be ready. And if you show up late? Well, people running food businesses have trains to catch and shifts to finish! Either way, we can’t guarantee you’ll get to enjoy your delicious rescue. And that would be a tragedy!

3. Use your receipt

Once you’ve bought a meal through the app, you’ll be led to something called a ‘live’ receipt, where you’ll see a timer counting down to the moment your collection window starts. When your order is ready, the button will read ‘Swipe to redeem’ - but don’t do it yet! You need to take this to the shop, and they’ll do it for you. Receipts that have already been swiped - or can’t be swiped - won’t be accepted. Why is this so important? Put simply, it means you’re the only one who can collect the meal you’ve bought. Ideal!

4. Stay notified

Running a restaurant is unpredictable business. It might be that the day you buy a Magic Bag, the food ends up selling out. The restaurant will try and tell you in plenty of time, but one of the ways they might communicate to you is through app notifications. Be sure to have them switched on so you’re in the know.

5. Keep in touch

Sometimes, plans change. If your order a Magic Bag that can no longer be claimed, it’s no problem. Just be sure to cancel the order three hours ahead of your collection slot for a full refund. This gives other people plenty of time to buy it, and means the meal is less likely to end up in the bin.

6. Go the extra mile

Restaurants will always have takeaway boxes available for you, but by bringing your own, you’re being even kinder to the environment. Check the store profile to see if using your own container is an option, then scoop up those extra Waste Warrior points . You’ve earned them!

Got a question? Our team is here to help. Contact us via our help form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Rachel Ramsay
Content Manager