Inspiration: How 15 Waste Warriors are fighting food waste in 2020

6 months ago
We all know that saving Magic Bags is one way to reduce food waste - but there’s an awful lot of food waste that happens in our own kitchens as well. In the spirit of the new year, we asked the Waste Warrior Instagram tribe how they plan to reduce their personal food waste in 2020. Here’s what they had to say.

  1. “Being more conscious of the amount of fresh fruits and vegetables I buy, and making sure I use up everything before it’s too late - even if that means doing batch cooking, or gifting a spare tray of veggie lasagne to a different friend every week.”
  2. “Stop peeling vegetables that don’t need peeling.”
  3. “I’m going to save our unavoidable scraps for the pigs and goats that live on a nearby small holding.”
  4. “Avoiding unnecessary deals in the supermarket.”
  5. “Not worrying about date codes so much. If it looks and tastes fine, it probably is.”
  6. “Planning the week’s meals ahead.”
  7. “When I dine out with friends, I’m always bothered to see them order more than they can eat without asking for a doggy bag. I’ve never said anything because I didn’t want to be THAT person. But now I’ve decided that spreading the message is a key part of fighting food waste.”
  8. “Change my mindset. Stop asking ‘What do I feel like eating?’, and start asking ‘What do I still have in the fridge?’”
  9. “I’m going to make my own granola in mason jars, reducing both food waste and plastic usage.”
  10. “I’m buying from my greengrocer instead of the supermarket. This means I can buy unpackaged veggies - exactly the quantity I need for the week - and do away with 18-packs of carrots.”
  11. “Be better at freezing my leftovers.”
  12. “I’m going to start sharing my fresh food in the uni fridge when I know I can’t get through a full item on my own.”
  13. “Buy reduced food more often, so it doesn’t go to waste.”
  14. “I’m going to get a compost bin, so I can put my unavoidable food waste to work in the garden.”
  15. “Soup, soup and more soup.”
Rachel Ramsay
Content Manager