How Too Good To Go works for you

Whether you’re running an independent local cafe or managing a high-street restaurant chain TGTG can work for you. It’s a free to join, non-contract service that’s win-win: generate additional revenues, reduce your waste disposal costs, prove your commitment to sustainability and increase your brand’s online exposure – with no extra effort and no additional costs.

It’s as easy as…

Benefits to you:

  • Hassle-free and free-to-use no-contract service, with no obligation and no minimum term.
  • Generate additional revenue on food that would otherwise be wasted, improving your bottom-line & helping you operate more efficiently.
  • Save on waste disposal costs. This research by WRAP shows a plate of wasted food costs a restaurant an average of 97p.
  • Help protect our planet by reducing food waste. If food waste were a country, it would be the world's third largest emitter of greenhouse gases.
  • Stand out from the crowd by establishing a strong CSR marketing strategy at no extra effort at a time when green spending continues to rise.
  • Increased brand awareness through instant exposure to thousands of new, local and relevant customers, online and face-to-face.
  • Capture your target market with regular, free promotion through our social media platforms at no additional cost.
  • Engage with our social initiatives such as the Pay-It-Forward scheme and help give back to those who need it most.
  • Prove that you serve fresh food every day and doesn't keep any prepared food for the following day.
  • See your much-loved food end up where it belongs: in bellies, not bins. Nobody enjoys prepping food at 7am just to throw it away at the end of service!
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Why Too Good To Go?

  • Whilst the TGTG app shows what type of cuisine your business serves, it does not force you to determine exactly what you have leftover. For example, if you're a Thai restaurant a customer places an order knowing they could get either Thai Green Curry or Chicken Pad Thai. You're not under pressure to add any specific dishes, as long as what you have as surplus constitutes a good meal and represents value for money.
  • The Too Good To Go app offers you complete control over how much food you have available on any given day. If you're a buffet restaurant, Italian deli, bakery or supermarket with regular amounts of surplus food most days, you can set the app up so that TGTG users can place orders all day, every day.  
  • If you're less likely to have food leftover you can set a low amount or 0 portions, and add portions quickly and easily through the app whenever you have excess.  
  • Control collection times - not just for today but for the week ahead too. Closing later than usual tonight? With a quick tap you can let TGTG customers know so that nobody arrives when you're not expecting them.
  • Dedicated support - easily contact our business support team by phone through one tap of the app
  • Run out of food unexpectedly? Refund all orders on any given day or if you still have some surplus then refund customers individually, so that nobody arrives to find you've got nothing left.  
  • Receive email and push notifications (iOS) whenever an order is placed.
  • Stay on top of your TGTG sales. Our comprehensive Statistics section gives you real-time totals of how much food you've sold through TGTG this week, month and year, helping you to better manage your wastage and stock levels.  

One low, flat fee per order covers all costs – marketing, customer support, packaging, payment handling and more. And that’s reinvested into the social enterprise so we can sustain ourselves in order to grow nationwide and ultimately save more food.

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